About us

Compware Shop was founded in 2020 and since then we've been focused on getting people around the world great deals on computer products, systems, and hardware. Choose from 1000's of parts to build, upgrade, or get your computer working exactly the way you want it. Think of us as your "local computer shop" down the street - just online and able to serve any city in the world. Our mission has always been to deliver the best pricing to your door, regardless of purchase size.

How we do it...

We start with excellent customer service, and fast shipping (over 99%+ of all orders ship the same business day). We care about your experience - from how much you pay to how quickly you get your parts. Our staff is dedicated to exceed your expectations each and every time from every angle.

The Compware Shop Difference...low prices & great service!

At CompwareShop.com we take pride in being able to offer you the lowest prices on computer parts and systems...but we also pride ourselves on our customer service and product quality. Our customer service website, our standards are high and our team is trained to resolve issues as quickly as possible.  Call, click, or email us to get in touch with a sales & support team member that will be able to provide answers to any questions you may have. We've got the parts for every need for your next build, upgrade, or repair.

Company History...

We specialize in all areas of computer hardware, parts, laptops - with several thousands of products in stock and ready to ship out. We've been very grateful to have the dedicated support of all of our customers and appreciate your patronage - allowing us to continue to grow at a staggering rate over the past decade.

What we do...

Compware Shop specializes in computer hardware selling, laptop computers parts, and wholesale PC parts distribution across the United States. We service the entire United States via FedEx, UPS, and USPS (United States Postal Service) We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Cash.

Redefining the custom computer industry

Compware Shop Computers delivers the best PC shopping experience by redefining industry standards one shipment at a time. We only carry industry and community proven hardware to create the best experience for you when building or upgrading your computer. This ensures that each piece of hardware is backed by fellow computer enthusiasts and industry specialists. You know that you're getting the very best components from us because we vet everything and monitor RMA/exchange trends. The quality and reliability provided by us is unmatched by any other vendor.

Policy Information

Usage Of The Compware Shop Website (including browsing, purchasing, or otherwise) constitutes acceptance of our store policies.  Please visit our policy page by clicking here.

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About Compware Shop Computers

Headquartered in Austin, TX. Compware Shop is a direct supplier of computer systems and related products. Compware Shop provides custom PCs, servers, and workstations.

We maintain relationships with all the major key computer component manufacturers worldwide. Compware Shop uses these relationships to develop cutting edge desktops, workstations and server that can be purchased in the marketplace today. Their relationships include manufacturers like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Corsair, Western Digital, Seagate, Antec, and many more. Compware Shop systems are engineered with input from all of these top manufacturers which ensures Compware Shop systems are high quality and a great value.

With an outstanding sales and support staff, all of the information a consumer needs to make the right decision on their next computer purchase is just a mouse click or phone call away. Once Compware Shop has earned your business, you will see why so many of their customers come back again and again.

Compware Shop pride, focus and commitment allow them to provide their customers with the very best quality computer, for today and the future. The goal at Compware Shop is to satisfy customers' needs and to become an integral part of their day-to-day operations.